PEI History

Mr. Edwin (Ed) Hahlbeck began his gear related career in 1958, completing a mechanical drafting apprenticeship in 1961 at Falk Corporation in Milwaukee, WI. Mr. Hahlbeck served in progressive management positions at Falk and later at Milwaukee Gear Company. His experience included VP responsibilites involving manufacturing, manufacturing engineering and product engineering. His innovative work included instruction in manufacturing methods, computer applications in manufacturing, and gear design.

In 1995, Ed left Milwaukee Gear Company to form a consulting company 'Powertrain Engineers Inc.' providing design development and analysis services related to gear drives and gear driven machinery. Since its start in a home office, it has grown to furnish innovative solutions to large and small concerns with two offices and a talented staff of engineers and designers. Ed has helped clients to solve problems and invent new products and has earned six patents.

Powertrain is a recognized face in alternative energy equipment design and development with extensive experience in wind turbine drive lines and water current turbine drives. Mr. Hahlbeck has participated in US government review panels for alternative energy program obstacles to attainment of 2030 goals.

Powertrain is also well known in conventional energy industries having clients in mining, drilling, and pumping equipment.

Powertrain currently has two offices in the Hartland, WI area, about 30 miles west of Milwaukee, WI. They service a wide range of product size, from fractional HP to multi-megawatt machinery. Their innovative solutions have earned their clients multiple patents, with several more in process.

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